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E-Bay Sales

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Are you great at what you do, but terrible at what I do? 
Scared to hire a low priced virtual assistant from a foreign country? Yeah, I would be too.
That's where I come in. I can help you set up virtually anything office related, 

and get you moving in the right direction, or stick with you for the long term.

Quit struggling with your office tasks, and let Andrea handle them!

Business Consulting

Quickbooks & Wave Setup

Excel Workbooks

Microsoft Word Help
Bank Reconciliations
Small Claims Court Filings
Office Organization
Proof Reading

Business Setup


Office Equipment Training

Let's Work Together!

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Home Organization

Document/PDF Creation

Policy Writing

HR Forms 

Graphic Design

E-Book Design

Logo Creation

Advertising Design


Travel Planning

Orientation Planning

Personal Budgeting


About Andrea!
I have spent the past 20+ years learning about all things office related. I currently manage a large landscaping company full-time. 
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management with a Minor in Accounting and an Associates Degree in Business Computer Science, plus years of experience in helping small businesses with computer based tasks. 

I have multiple clients who are small business owners, and want to make YOU my next client!

Office help you will love.